Ningaloo turtles off to an early start this mating season

Green, loggerhead and hawksbill turtles head to Ningaloo between November and January to lay their eggs on protected beaches from Gnaraloo Bay to Exmouth.  However, this year nesting turtles have arrived early on Ningaloo beaches – resulting in predictions of a 2012 baby boom.

Department of Environment and Conservation Education Officer, Jamie Campbell said “there were plenty of turtle sightings along the coast before the nesting season commenced and the season is shaping up to be a successful one,” Mr Campbell said.

There are only a few large nesting populations of marine turtles left in the world and the Ningaloo coast is an important breeding ground.

For more information of the turtle monitoring efforts along the Ningaloo Coast, visit the Ningaloo Atlas library and type ‘turtle‘ into the Library search box.

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