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Sorry for the silence

After 14 months dedicated to establishing the Ningaloo Atlas project, the time has come to take a couple of weeks off to travel and catch up with friends – after which I will be showcasing the Ningaloo Atlas project at … Continue reading

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Friday movie: Gloop

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Friday movie: Farting fish

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New Wikipedia site for coral symbionts

As you may well be aware, most reef-building corals have a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship with a microscopic single-celled algae (loosely called zooxanthellae) that lives within the coral tissues – providing the coral with food for growth as well as … Continue reading

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Ningaloo tidal movements targeted

From ABC North West: A new study of tidal movements along the north-west Western Australian coast is underway to help protect reef systems in the area. The Australian Research Council has allocated $700,000 to the project, which will focus on … Continue reading

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‘Sirius’ on her way back to Sydney

The University of Sydney team got off the RV Solander this morning and are on their way back home, leaving a couple of us with the RV Solander crew waiting to come into port in Exmouth to offload the freight.  … Continue reading

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First whale sharks of the season arrive at Ningaloo

Whale shark tours at Ningaloo are offered between mid March until early August – with this years tours from Exmouth and Coral Bay expected to start this week now that the first whale sharks of 2012 have returned to Ningaloo.   … Continue reading

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‘Sirius’ on the home stretch

It has been 10 days at sea, with a number of ups and downs when it comes to ‘Sirius’ the AUV (or teenage underwater robot as she has become to be known).  As mentioned previously, things were running very smootly … Continue reading

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Coral reef MPAs 1: Zoning

John Bruno is currently writing a series of Marine Protected Area (MPA) posts on the SeaMonster blog.  I will make a point of posting the links here as they become available.  This post represents the first in the series. A … Continue reading

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Coastal low developing off the Pilbara

A low is developing off the Pilbara coast approximately 600 kilometres north northwest of Karratha in the vicinity of 16S 114E.   It is possible that it will develop into a tropical cyclone during Sunday but it is more likely to … Continue reading

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