Coming to the End of a Big Week of Reef Check Australia Training

It has been a fantastic experience to be involved with the Reef Check Australia training here at Ningaloo.  By the end of Sunday (16/6/2013) there will be 9 people from Exmouth and Coral Bay with accreditation to undertake reef monitoring in the Ningaloo Region using the Reef Check Australia methodology.

Trainees were taught how to classify and record:

  • Substrate types including different types of coral forms
  • Record the presence of macro-algae
  • Identity coral bleaching
  • Record the presence of coral disease and damage
  • Record the presence key indicator invertebrates

Thanks very much to Jenn, Jodie and Jody for the excellent training and patience.

Reef Check @ Oyster Stacks

Reef Check @ Oyster Stacks

If you want to know more about participating in Reef Check Australia monitoring see their website:

If you are elsewhere see Reef Check Worldwide:

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